About Me


From a very young age, I have always had a love for colour, paint and a desire to create.

Prior to calling North Vancouver my home in 2000, I have had the amazing opportunity to live on the island of Grand Cayman for over 10 years.  Sadly, in 2004 Grand Cayman was devastated by Hurricane Ivan and all that was cherished was lost.  Influenced by this loss, I was inspired to begin painting.  I was determined to recreate the places that were now gone forever.  My earlier Caribbean themed work is deeply personal and part of my private collection.

My Work

My current work is inspired by the breathtaking forests and shoreline of the West Coast of British Columbia, from Vancouver Island to the North Shore Mountains, and Desolation Sound to the Jedediah Island.  The captivating and ragged West Coast beauty lends itself to a personal style that is evocative and imaginative of natures's power.  I paint with colour and indulge in a whimsical interpretation of shape and explorative use of palette.  For me each painting is a personal journey into art, vibrancy and the allure of nature.

Viewers of my work are transported to lush forests with paths that unfold beneath your next step, with soft moss covered rocks and majestic trees with limbs that seem to point the way, and shorelines that beckon the explorer within.  Dense forests give way to a beach scattered with sun bleached logs tossed by an angry sea, or perhaps gently placed there with the outgoing tide, where chartreuse seaweed glistens in the sun and rocky pools provide refuge for starfish that patiently wait for the next tide.

From sadness came creation through paint. Painting is my passion, and sharing such a passion is a pleasure and a privilege.

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